August Winners

Best Short Film

The Invisible Kid

Inspired by a true story, the invisible kid plunge us into the daily sadness of a young bullied kid.

Best Comedy

All The Single Ladies!

When her friend unpleasantly surprise her with a singles party, Tiek (Lisa Smit) feels like she just landed in her own personal hell. But then she meets the mysterious hobo Jip (Tomer Pawlicki) and the night suddenly takes an unexpected, Disneyesque turn.

Best Animated (Short)

The Prodigal

A father has two sons. The younger asks the father for his inheritance, which the father gives him. However, the younger son squanders his fortune, eventually becoming destitute. Starving, he returns home intending to work for his father as a servant. To the son's surprise, his father welcomes him back with celebration and fanfare. The older son, on the other hand is not so happy about the younger brothers return.

Best Feature Documentary

The Oslo Diaries

In 1992, with Israeli-Palestinian relations at an all-time low and any communication punishable with jail time, a small group of Israelis and Palestinians gathered in Oslo – secretly and against the law. Although the meetings that came to be known as The Oslo Accords changed the Middle East forever, they were never officially sanctioned and were chronicled only by the negotiators' diaries.

Best Documentary (Short)

The Volcano Concert

420 kilograms of equipment, hundreds of hours of rehearsing, 3600 kilometers to travel...On 19th August 2016, Maciej Fortuna and his band played 120 meter below ground level in an Icelandic magma chamber of the Thrihnukagigur volcano. This ‘underground performance’, inspired by Polish folk music, was the first concert inside a volcano in the history of jazz.

“It was like flying a glider. There are no second chances at landing,” says the group’s leader and his words perfectly depict the character of this project. The film is a short of portrayal of this incredible adventure.

Best Music Video

Love is Love

Two lost souls are aimlessly floating in the sea when they come across each other. They drift onto a shore and start their journey together, carrying empty vessels. They walk through the changing landscapes, day and night, rain and shine until they finally find what they are looking for.

Best Screenplay


As punishment for their original sin, the souls of Adam and Eve are reincarnated in endless cycles, doomed to watch the deterioration of the world and their progeny, while separated by great distances.